Saturday, May 06, 2006


My husband surprised me by taking this photo and leaving it on the digital card in our Camera.

I can't wait for the summer sunsets of gold and red

The Community Compost Saga Continues...

I received this reply from the city regarding my woes about this new program and this was the response I receved.

I have received your inquiry regarding the Organics Collection Program and have provided an answer below.

You are correct in noticing that the same collection truck that collected your garbage also collected your organics material; however the collection truck that you saw does not mix these materials together. This truck is a "split-truck" and has two separated units for two different types of materials. It is an 80/20 split inside the truck. So the majority of the truck space holds garbage, while 20% of the truck division will hold the organic materials. The collector places the garbage material into the larger section of the truck, and the organics into the smaller separated side. I can assure you that these materials that residents take time to separate are kept separate the whole time and are not intermixed. Once the truck is full the materials are taken to different areas, the organics are taken to our processors in Arthur, Ontario, to be turned into compost and the Garbage is taken to the Landfill.

A similar "split-truck" also collects your recyclables. Your container items are placed into one separated area, while the paper recyclables are placed into the other separated area. So although it may appear that these items are being mixed together after you spent time separating them, they are not. These trucks are split this way to make the collection more efficient instead of having one designated truck for each collected material. These materials stay separated the whole time as to not contaminate the materials that residents spent time separating properly.

Many residents have the same question, and we provided an explanation for this in the Organics DVD, and the Organics R' Waste Fact Sheet that was provided with your Organics kit, anticipating that residents would be questioning why the same truck collects these materials.

I hope this answers your question. And if you did not receive the above mentioned materials that explain the "split-truck" concept, than please let me know and I will have them sent to you. I can also suggest that the next time you see this collection truck in your area, ask the collector if you can see the split in their truck, and it will give you a better visual of how it works.

As for the concern you have of the cost of the paper bags to line your bin with, these paper bags are not required to participate in this program, however many residents want to use some sort of liner for their bin to keep it as clean as possible. There are other more cost-efficient alternatives available besides the bag to earth bags, one suggestion is to wrap your organics into newspaper before placing it in your bins; when grocery shopping ask your grocer to pack your items into paper bags instead of plastic and then use those paper bags as a liner for your bins, as well any kind of paper bag that you come across throughout your day such as any paper fast food bag (from MacDonald’s for example) can be used as a liner, or even boxboard (such as cereal boxes) can be used. I, myself, save these types of items and use them as liners in my organics containers.

I hope I have answered your inquiries. If you should have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

I could swear that the garbage all mashed together, I was looking right into the container from my bedroom window. (I have a long standing love for our garbage collectors here...NOT!, thats a very long story tho).. Secondly, yes I attempted that "Just use any paper bag" thing and when I threw out the bad strawberries and they turned to liquid mush my paper bag ripped and dropped my garbage all about my kitchen floor sending my dogs into a frenzy to see what tasty treats lay awaiting for them. I did receive the materials that explained the split truck idea and watched them. Ugh! those governement workers!!Both C and I are Government workers LOL

Friday, May 05, 2006


I found them, they are there, dark red, and white.. I have seen the enemy.
Now, how do I wage war?

One Year ago

Last year I was hopeless.. We had just celebrated our year of living in our new home.
We worked on the inside as best we could, no painting because the dust was soo bad from no grass and Bryan (we only had him at the time) was tracking in dirt, gravel and chocking on Contruction worker coffee cups on walks.
Here is the house back then.. YES we still had the Christmas lights up.. the ground just dried here to make it safe for retrieving them (It was like quicksand and too dangerous for a ladder previously). Ignore the rest of the crap lying around, we didn't want the good stuff to get "dirty"

OK so finally they laid the sod at the END of June in 30 degree weather, and they rushed through everything.. Apparently there is a By Law in Barrie stating that after 10 homes are completed they must be sodded and graded, so the Builder was refused permits untilt he sodding was completed.. So they hurriedly put our grass down and of course.. the grade has failed miserably, luckily we are not ones with water in our basement, but others when it rains they have their own private lake. The side of the house is disgusting, the grass did not even take in the littlest bit and there is a CRATER where my sump pump has been pumping away all the water from the foundation. I can't even look there. Did I mention yet that my neighbours on one side are renters? about 5 or 6 or 10 bachelors, who, although display a garden knome upon the front porch don't appear to notice that there is grass underneath the cars they park (Apparently 2 car garage, 4 car driveway, which they have managed to squeeze 6 on is not ample enough parking). The parties are a whole other story.

So this is my front now.. a slight improvement... 25 months after closing

There is Hope..

I was unsure if my naivety killed my hyderangea planted last year late in haste after we finally got grass. But I checked them out and here I see green!!

On the topic of reduce, recycle, REUSE..

I have figured a way to reuse used negative hpts (I know my fellow infertiles have a stash) Laugh

Follow up to the organics program...

Tell me why I just spent the first week of this organics waste collection program carefully sorting, saving and spending $4.99 + tax on only 5 paper bags specific to this program only to watch the garbage man this morning take my green bin and dump it with the regular trash. We were extremely careful as to what we put in the bin, and the garbage collecter never even looked, just threw it all away.

I am not a strong believer in the program, from a pest spreading point of view, I will personally never purchase or use this compost, but I am rather miffed at the cost of the paper bags to line the bins, and then to see them thrown away! I would have been more ahead if I had just purchased a garbage tag!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mozzy Season

Well as sure as death and taxes The great Canadian Mozzy is going to return this year and there is no better proof than the bill I recieved from the vet to cover both Bryan and Kaycees heartworm testing and medication Shocked $300.00!!!!!!!
(true to Canadian form about building big roadside (dis)attractions this one is in Karmarno MB (Karmarno actually means Mosquito in Ukrainian.. how fitting) you can find out more about these Canadian uh... big things at Great Canadian Roadside attractions Here in Barrie we have the big spirit catcher.. as far as tacky roadside giants are concerned its not too bad on the eyes. It sits at the waterfront overlooking the city from the bay, but watch a few quills have fallen in the past, and they do sway in the wind. But we Canadians are not limited to the nickle (sudbury) the Loonie (Echo Bay) the Twonie (Cambleford) , there are bears, chairs, spiders, ducks, balls, fish, frogs, beer taps, moose, beavers, bugs, trucks, fruits, skiis, shoes, Hoes , Camels.. yes Camels. .."Honey. Pack your bags, I want to take a picture of us next to the worlds largest Curling Stone.. Now THATS Canadian !Mozzy photo courtesy of roadside

My Hortiscope..

Ok no wonder C and I can't agree..
I am Cancer, C is Taurus.. what are we to do..

Cancer - The Crab: June 21-July 22

The style that best suits you is the "classical" style of gardening, with its roots in French and English estates. Formal borders, well-manicured lawns and conventionally beautiful blooms appeal to your conservative nature. Even the vegetable garden is laid out in an orderly fashion, reminiscent of more ambitious projects, like formal herb gardens. Neoclassic statuary plays an important role in the landscape, and patios are often crafted from stone. Avoiding the fickle nature of fashion is your primary concern. Like a crab who carries his home on his back, you should expect to live with your garden for as long as nature allows you to.

Your flower: The lilac flower spikes of Salvia farinacea Evolution (AAS 2006) provide an attractive alternative to lavender in cold climates. Take advantage of their uniformity and line them up like toy soldiers in beds and borders

Taurus - The Bull: April 20-May 20

The cottage garden is a perfect match for you, because this sentimental style invites a little neglect. Comfortable patio furniture has a special place in your landscape, too, and you probably enjoy it more than the flowers. Compensate for your decadent nature by choosing plants that don't require rigorous maintenance. Taurus is associated with flowering fruit trees. If you're not going to use the fruit, find varieties with a lighter yield, or it may be rotting on your lawn next spring. Fall cleanup is not your specialty!

Your flower: Hollyhock Queeny Purple (AAS 2004) is not only shorter than the hollyhocks that bloomed in your grandma's garden, but it's also the first purple variety available as a single colour. Its carefree habit makes it a must-have for the carefree Taurus gardener.

Whats your hortiscope?

I think that they might have us confused though, C really loves Lilacs and formality to a Garden.. I really like that cottage feel. Maybe its because I am the one to water, weed, feed and do fall cleanup after a 20 hour shift.Bugging Out

Public Service Announcement..

Ok here is MY OPINION (Not that of my employer, the Government of Canada, or ANYONE ELSE On the green bin organic collection for communal compost.
As if our farmers don't suffer enough!. Our city has introduced the "improve our space, reduce the waste" program and the County itself has had the program running for around 2 years already.

The principal sounds great, it does reduce the waste and provides compost and a beautiful reduction in waste to the dumps.

Here is the downfall in my eyes. *I* Will never use this compost, I will never recommend my friends use this compost, and I pray that no farmer uses this compost for this single fact.

From an Inspectors point of view (me).. People are selfish, and silly. On a daily basis hundreds of Grandmothers, Mothers, Fathers, Grandfathers, Children, Singletons, Couples are smuggling dangerous cargo to Canada. That Apple you forgot to throw out on the plane from a foreign country? That is one deadly bullet in a compost bin, somehow you managed to "forget" to declare your smuggled fruit (up to $200.00 per banned item, 1 apple and a sandwich can run you $400.00), you throw it out in your green bin and it becomes a part of the city compost, that compost later gets bought and used by a local apple grower, and that apple you threw out just happened to have a micro organism that we just don't have here (Ie Japanese Apple Rust, or Painted Apple Moth), and with the compost might you be able to introduce it to our Canadian Farm.

Think it Can't Happen?

Think again - A simple sausage can cause a lot of damage . . .

Foot and Mouth Disease is an acute, highly contagious viral infection of cloven-hoofed mammals such as cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs. The disease spreads rapidly and easily, causing major losses in infected herds. An outbreak of this disease in Saskatchewan, in 1952, is believed to have been caused by a small amount of infected sausage meat imported from Europe which was fed to swine by a farm worker. The outbreak was not extensive and was quickly eradicated. However, eradication costs approached one billion dollars at the time ($30 billion in 1995 dollars) and many farm families lost their herds and liabilities as a result.

Many foreign species of plants and animals have been introduced in Canada and are now major pests to humans, agriculture and the environment. Some of the best known include the Black Garden Slug, the European Starling, Japanese Beetles, Gypsy Moths and Dutch Elm Disease. One thing these species all have in common is that they have been introduced accidentally and are multiplying in the Canadian environment. They have become major pests that cost our agricultural industry and economy millions of dollars annually and cause harm to our environment.

I am bitter about this because I have seen people go to GREAT lengths to conceal, and smuggle food into the Country. I have been assaulted more times, spat on, screamed at and watched more tantrums at taking away some powdered milk, a chicken bone for some type of religious purpose (This excuse does not work either), a link of sausage whatever it may be than arresting someone for smuggling a narcotic to Canada (And these are the ones that are facing a 7 year jail sentence).. Unbelievable.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The smell is sooo inviting..

Well, if you know me, then you know how much smell affects my senses. I have planted a whack of lavender (some hopefully will overwinter) because the smell is apparently an aphrodesiac (and lets face it, after almost 4 years of infertiltiy, I could use all the help I can get), Other plantings include lily of the valley, lilac, peonys and the wonderful container I have by the front step.
I have just the spot for some Sage to be brushed by while walking through the garden to release its amazing scent. But I have to wait for another overtime cheque.

Gigantico Annuals

Now that I have planted this, we will get snow.

Anemone sylvestris

I had the perfect spot for it. I just wish it would bloom all year. I absoloutely could not give this beauty up.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Killbear Prov Park