Tuesday, October 24, 2006

First Snow in the Garden

First snow on Lambs Ear

Snow on Lambs Ear

Monday, October 23, 2006

200 bulbs

Yellow Coneflower
Wow what a long garden blogging break.. I can't believe many people still checked in on me. I want to thank everyone for the compliments on my photos over the year, I am currently taking my digital photography designation and have decided to incorporate my photos with this blog.

I am afraid that with my mother fighting breast cancer, 2 deaths in the family, the IVF that forced me into bedrest due to ovarian hyperstimulation the garden has been last on the agenda. Most of the plants fended for themselves and thrived, others did not fair so well. I fear my peonys might have gotten brown spot, pouted and are not speaking to me anymore. My roses surprisingly have thrived and love their home. There were soo many tomatoes, that the neighbours were over daily picking their fill.

It seems like the entire month of October has been raining and cold. What happened to our Ontario Indian summer? Finally Saturday morning brought a break in the clouds for the morning hours and I was able to clean out the garden of unwanted plants and get everything ready for winter. Then I looked at the amount of bulbs C had purchased for me.. 200, tulips, hyacinths, alliums.. I had 2 dilemmas, 1 where was I going to plant all of these, and how badly was my back going to hurt after planting all these bulbs. I managed to dig the last hole just as the skies opened and the rain returned.

I am confused about the lavender though, if anyone has ideas on how I am to overwinter lavender, then I will gladly follow it.