Friday, June 16, 2006

Theraputic planting

Yesterday was the worst day in memory. I found out my mom is not superhuman afterall, and our plans for a summer IVF have been pushed back. I was feeling pretty low. To try and get my mind straightened out I planted a few dozen cosmos under my little maple tree to cheer me up. It distracted me for a while and gave me solitude to put things into perspective. It is said that people make clearer and more correct decisions when they have had time for their subconsious mind to mull all the information over before acting on anything, for me its the distraction of planting, deadheading, feeding the plants that seems to ease the mind.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Upside of Down

Wow, What a week! I am soo glad my mom and I managed to make that trip out to Hockley before because I have barely sat down since.
I had work matters in court which is the pitfall of my employment, by the time I came home I barely made it in the yard to water, nevermind tend to the actual garden. Oh well. Now that my days off have come (and almost gone) I have still barely stepped foot in the garden! C and I have been working like mad to get the deck going and we are truckin right along! 3 more joists need to be hung, a post or two and then we are off for a finishing run of some skirting and the floor boards (looks like I may enjoy a deck this year afterall .. did I just JINX myself or what?). The builder that came about 3 weeks ago in the cold rain and dug up the sod between the house (on the best side.. they left the shitty side alone.. go figure) still have not returned to re-lay the sod so we are left with a mud swail next to the house (lovely).
Did I mention that if you did not like the weather you should wait 10 minutes? Was it just not a little over a week ago that I was complaining of heat stroke and shovelling 4 yards of gravel in 40 degree weather? Well now I am back to just a mere 10 degrees and the wind is furious. My poor tomato plants.. they are holding on for dear life in the back with no fences to protect them from all the wind (I am sure we have a few casualties).
On the upside it would appear that I have successfully moved the calla lilly that was being strangled by the flaming spirea a few feet to safety I hope it works.


The containers have really made quite a show!

Creme Caramel

Pink Lavender