Friday, August 04, 2006

White Cosmo

Through a new lens

Some photos from my walk this evening I thought I would share.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Prince Charming

Yesterday we had some serious weather here in Ontario.. this cloud took over in less than 5 minutes everything went pitch black... seconds later we lost power, and the neighbours outdoor dining canopies flew around smacking into walls and I was not sticking around to see them smash into windows too.. we retreated to the basement.. Where we found....

Prince charming!!!! my little toad and tomato gaurd!!! He had saught shelter from the storm too in my basement window well. He looked so desperate to come in, but I couldn't risk letting in his friend the mouse too so we just made faces to one another and kissed through the glass while the storm went on..

Prior to the rain I took my new Nikon D70 out for a test spin in the field, actually in search of a butterfly, which I never seem to fidn when my cameras are cocked locked and loaded. (why is it that the second I put them down a Monarch appears, fluttering aimlessly and precariously close to me). I did find Thistle in fields of milk weed.

Blame it on the heat..

I have been flipping terrible at keeping up on here. Everything is moving soo fast right now.
I will catch up later this week but I got my new Nikon D70..
Here are the first pics taken with it.