Friday, April 21, 2006

What a Day

What a Day!!!!

Yesterday was absoloutely gorgeous, so I managed to hit up Bradford greenhouses and peek at the beautiful perennials, and annuals all ready for planting.. as usual.. I could not stop myself (hey I am building a garden here, a few plants at a time).. I ended up spending 350$ on earth, plants, edging, decorations, & mulch.Shocked. I also extended the garden to complete everything (and to add room for some larger shrubery).. I was looking at those gorgeous pom pom evergreens.. or a dwarf korean lilac bush, all very good candidates for this sunny location. Raked and pulled away all of the burnt dead grass.. I hope some of it comes back where the new flower bed isn't.

On the dog front, Kaycee is back home today after being spayed..I feel so bad for her, I knew we had to do it, but I am sorry that she had to endure this, I just wish it was easier.

We also got out green bins today.. since our garbage limit will be 1 bag.. I will refrain from my thoughts on this just yet, when I have more time I will post what I think of this program.

I will post pics when I have a little more energy.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Furry Easter Egg Hunt

Since we don't have kids,
We had our furbabies easter egg hunt,
before you call humaine society, treats were rewarded for such humiliating photos.
So many treats and such excitement we couldn't even sit still for the photo!

Whats eating my leaves?

I went to check on my tulips and there is a herbavore out there!!!



Monday, April 17, 2006


Undecided Hyderangea

Yellow Narcisses

I planted these closest to the front door for their wonderful fragrance

The Narcisses are in bloom now.