Friday, April 28, 2006

Do you mind if I snap a pic of your dogs?

Do you mind if I take a picture of your dog?

We often get requests about the breed of puppy we have. They are Bernese Mountain Dogs, Named after the capital city of Bern Switzerland. You can learn a great deal about them here Berner org as well as see tonnes of puphead pics and downfalls of the breed. I love my silly furballs, (doesn't everyone love their pet and think its just the greatest?) Anyhow Kaycee went to her first flyball lesson tonight and I was AMAZED at how well she did.

We had been practising all week long with a plastic sour cream container lid for her to paw the lid in order for me to give her a treat on a "hit it" command, the first day she looked as though this was a monumental task that she literally looked lost on, I thought I had just wated $125 bucks on these classes.. then at once the light buld went on, and the other night C dropped a lid on the floor by accident and she busted from her seat, bounced across the kitchen and dove onto the plastic piece that had just hit the floor seconds before.. C just laughed, I told him that he owed her a treat now for being soooo good.

Well tonight was her night to shine, lets hope the knowledge stays.. when we introduced her to the jumps she wasn't annoyed by them, she never avoided them, in fact she never JUMPED over them, she just ran THROUGH them.. I think after a few knee bashes she has discovered to pick up her feet slightly.. but she was determined to shine. She never flinched when the noise of the flybox went off next to her and although at the class we had zero interest in the ball, that soon changed in the evening in our basement..

lookout superdogs, Kaycee is coming through the jump.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

House Plans I love

House plans I love..

These are the house plans we have fallen in love with.. we think we may have found a lot of land too.. >fingers crossed<