Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mozzy Season

Well as sure as death and taxes The great Canadian Mozzy is going to return this year and there is no better proof than the bill I recieved from the vet to cover both Bryan and Kaycees heartworm testing and medication Shocked $300.00!!!!!!!
(true to Canadian form about building big roadside (dis)attractions this one is in Karmarno MB (Karmarno actually means Mosquito in Ukrainian.. how fitting) you can find out more about these Canadian uh... big things at Great Canadian Roadside attractions Here in Barrie we have the big spirit catcher.. as far as tacky roadside giants are concerned its not too bad on the eyes. It sits at the waterfront overlooking the city from the bay, but watch a few quills have fallen in the past, and they do sway in the wind. But we Canadians are not limited to the nickle (sudbury) the Loonie (Echo Bay) the Twonie (Cambleford) , there are bears, chairs, spiders, ducks, balls, fish, frogs, beer taps, moose, beavers, bugs, trucks, fruits, skiis, shoes, Hoes , Camels.. yes Camels. .."Honey. Pack your bags, I want to take a picture of us next to the worlds largest Curling Stone.. Now THATS Canadian !Mozzy photo courtesy of roadside


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