Friday, May 05, 2006

One Year ago

Last year I was hopeless.. We had just celebrated our year of living in our new home.
We worked on the inside as best we could, no painting because the dust was soo bad from no grass and Bryan (we only had him at the time) was tracking in dirt, gravel and chocking on Contruction worker coffee cups on walks.
Here is the house back then.. YES we still had the Christmas lights up.. the ground just dried here to make it safe for retrieving them (It was like quicksand and too dangerous for a ladder previously). Ignore the rest of the crap lying around, we didn't want the good stuff to get "dirty"

OK so finally they laid the sod at the END of June in 30 degree weather, and they rushed through everything.. Apparently there is a By Law in Barrie stating that after 10 homes are completed they must be sodded and graded, so the Builder was refused permits untilt he sodding was completed.. So they hurriedly put our grass down and of course.. the grade has failed miserably, luckily we are not ones with water in our basement, but others when it rains they have their own private lake. The side of the house is disgusting, the grass did not even take in the littlest bit and there is a CRATER where my sump pump has been pumping away all the water from the foundation. I can't even look there. Did I mention yet that my neighbours on one side are renters? about 5 or 6 or 10 bachelors, who, although display a garden knome upon the front porch don't appear to notice that there is grass underneath the cars they park (Apparently 2 car garage, 4 car driveway, which they have managed to squeeze 6 on is not ample enough parking). The parties are a whole other story.

So this is my front now.. a slight improvement... 25 months after closing


Blogger Karen said...

I like the way you have put the rocks right on the patio.

8:57 a.m.  
Blogger TraceyF said...

Thanks, I HATE those contractor new home patio "Slabs", we are saving the cash to replace them all with something much nicer, I cannot wait to turf them, along with the nasty pre fab concrete steps

9:39 a.m.  

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