Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Hortiscope..

Ok no wonder C and I can't agree..
I am Cancer, C is Taurus.. what are we to do..

Cancer - The Crab: June 21-July 22

The style that best suits you is the "classical" style of gardening, with its roots in French and English estates. Formal borders, well-manicured lawns and conventionally beautiful blooms appeal to your conservative nature. Even the vegetable garden is laid out in an orderly fashion, reminiscent of more ambitious projects, like formal herb gardens. Neoclassic statuary plays an important role in the landscape, and patios are often crafted from stone. Avoiding the fickle nature of fashion is your primary concern. Like a crab who carries his home on his back, you should expect to live with your garden for as long as nature allows you to.

Your flower: The lilac flower spikes of Salvia farinacea Evolution (AAS 2006) provide an attractive alternative to lavender in cold climates. Take advantage of their uniformity and line them up like toy soldiers in beds and borders

Taurus - The Bull: April 20-May 20

The cottage garden is a perfect match for you, because this sentimental style invites a little neglect. Comfortable patio furniture has a special place in your landscape, too, and you probably enjoy it more than the flowers. Compensate for your decadent nature by choosing plants that don't require rigorous maintenance. Taurus is associated with flowering fruit trees. If you're not going to use the fruit, find varieties with a lighter yield, or it may be rotting on your lawn next spring. Fall cleanup is not your specialty!

Your flower: Hollyhock Queeny Purple (AAS 2004) is not only shorter than the hollyhocks that bloomed in your grandma's garden, but it's also the first purple variety available as a single colour. Its carefree habit makes it a must-have for the carefree Taurus gardener.

Whats your hortiscope?

I think that they might have us confused though, C really loves Lilacs and formality to a Garden.. I really like that cottage feel. Maybe its because I am the one to water, weed, feed and do fall cleanup after a 20 hour shift.Bugging Out


Blogger TraceyF said...

I should add I am searching for 2 lavender plants, "red Kew" and Butterfly Lavender, I am trying to avoid going to GoodWood Ontario to pick these up.. the search is on.

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