Thursday, July 06, 2006

Keeping up with the Jones'

I have been a terrible journaller as of late. Things have been just soo hectic around the house that I have not had a moment to myself to post the pics of the garden as it grows. Now that the weather is soo nice I want to spend all my time IN my garden and not writing about my garden. But I digress, there have been a few changes to my little front garden. The cabbage that was destroyed by the little white cabbage butterfly larvae was sent for compost, but today I saw this.. Laying more of her destructive uninsatiable babies again.

There are some other "pests" that have made my garden their home, for example, this petunia was never planted by me, but the seed (I suspect from my neighbour since she has a tonne of these) somehow ended up sowing in an empty container I had. Something told me not to bother pulling it as a weed. I am actually glad I didn't. now I have a free container!

Remember that hydrangea I thought I had killed? One of them has bloomed, the other is much slower, I have yet to see buds, but I will let it be. I remember from my mom's garden that it took several years for the hydrangea to blossom into this huge 6 foot tall bushy shrub. (I am not sure I want it that big)

The hosta has also began to bloom, I really adore these flowers. They have such a delicatness to them but hang on a sturdy stem.


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The statue is beautiful.Is she holding a baby deer in her arms?lovely pics again.

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