Thursday, June 01, 2006


I love Lavender, in case you did not know from before. I wish it overwintered better than it does, but that does not stop me from planting several varieties in the garden. I have some enligh lavender, munstead and grusso, as well as a pink variety called coconut ice. One of my favourite lavenders is butterfly lavender. It is beginning to bloom in the hanging basket by the door.

The roses are beginning to bud as well, and I cannot WAIT to see them in their glory, I am a classics kind of girl, irises, lavender, peonies, and roses, this is what I enjoy in my garden. My roses appear to be really happy where they are I keep hoping that I luck out on this catch.


Blogger snappy said...

we love both the same plants.I have lavender, and five rose bushes.My rose bush the orange tea has one bud (see pics today).
I had to rebuy two lavenders to replace the two plants the yorkshire winters killed off.
Beautiful pics!

5:10 p.m.  

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