Monday, June 19, 2006

The Full Monty

In the heat, the Ausblush rosebush has unwhirled some of its tight buds and is totally showing off. I love the smell, I love the colour and the pompom style heritage rose. I remember about 5 years ago my mother planted a heritage rose in her garden that blew me away, prior to this planting, I was naive. I thought that roses only came in the hybrid tea variety, red, pink, yellow, boy was I WRONG! When that first bloom opened up I was in love. The smell was so intoxicating I remember sticking my nose inside the bloom and inhaling the sweet fragrance. I was hooked.
I have always been intimated by roses. I always found many gardeners complaining about the hardships of raising and caring for their rose gardens to be such time money and heartbreak. I can recall a few times where my mother had given up on the bush and tossed it to the garbage heap. So when C's mother became treasurer of the Canadian Rose Society, she steered me towards the tips for Canadian Rose growers on the Rose society website. I have taken the advice to heart. I contacted the local chapter and heard which roses were best for my area, and I checked out a few local growers. I decided on the Ausblush rose for the cotton candy pale pink and citrus rose scent, as well as the fairy rose for the lower grown variety. These are the only 2 bushes I have planted in the garden, but wait until the back is ready.

On the tomato front, the plants have grown hog wild! I think I am going to have to sheild them from the wind if they pick up again though. I had a few broken limbs this morning after last nights thunder storms. I had to restake them as they have begun to outgrow their current supports. No sign of tomato yet, but lots of little yellow blooms about.


Blogger Carol said...

THAT is a beautiful rose, and a great picture of it!

5:57 p.m.  
Blogger Naturegirl said...

Isn't it wonderful growing smelling and photographing our beautiful roses!!

7:19 a.m.  

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