Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Natures surprises

One thing I really enjoy about gardening is the surprises that mother nature can give you in the garden, this morning I was greeted with another bloom from the "I've got Rythm" Iris that I had just written about getting the last bloom on, it was hidden until this morning.

The other thing I always find fascinating in the garden is the way that mother nature surprises us with variations in the colouring in one plant such as the pansies.. The combos seem endless in the baskets and I love exploring what she has come up with in the baskets each day.


Blogger Karen said...

Pansies are beautiful. Yours almost look hand-painted. And yes it's usually a good thing when mother nature surprises us. In your case, definitely yes.

I've fallen in love with the large irises; but since I don't have the room for them, I'm holding myself back from buying any more and instead I go and admire everyone else's. So I certainly enjoyed your surprise bloom today.

6:03 p.m.  

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