Thursday, May 18, 2006

Its a Jungle out there..

One garden chore I know is easy but I am just not comfortable with is mowing the lawn. C does an amazing job of it and usually mows a nice pattern. Yesterday we had a break in the rain and I had C convinced that the grass jungle was beginning to get out of control. I have given up on many grass seeds and I bought 3 rolls of sod to finish the patchwork. When C got home he quickly went to work on mowing the lawn, the only down side? The lawnmower wouldn't start (I knew I should have pushed harder for the push mower, He called me whilest I was in Home Depot to gte a new spark plug and some fuel additive to which he might as well have been speaking some alien language that only guys can understand. "Get the JM19R20FCIFUCNRMBRTHSNMBR spark and octane booster fuel additive for a Murray 9453lt3 model, I'll need a new RM1999494396025860296032 style filter too, Got it?" ...after a long silence.. "uh,I'll see you when YOU get home from Home Depot".


Blogger TraceyF said...

We are off today to look for some lawnmower parts.. here is hoping that we can get it started.. otherwise I have 3 rolls of sod that need a home.

11:25 a.m.  

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