Wednesday, May 31, 2006

If you don't like it, wait 10 minutes..

When C lived in Calgary we used to hear the weatherman say that we were expecting a little bit of snow today, a bit of sun, its going to be hot and cold and expect some hail/thunder showers, the saying there was "If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes". I thought that was isolated to Calgary, but when we moved here to Barrie I have found that this is the case here as well. Yesterday was such a muggy scorcher, absoloutely hard to bear outside and today is beautiful temperature wise. What awoke me however was a familiar rumbling noise, (had I still been living with my parents their 115lb gaurding shepherd would be in my lap with his head buried beneath the pillows, my puppies never even bat an eye) - so my warning system is in failure for this. The thunder has come and I had one thought.. The Peonies... I furled out of bed to see if I could salvage them, and that familiar normally sweet musty smell of fresh rain was in the air, but this morning it was cause for concern. I was releived to find that the rain had not come yet and the decision was made to cut the blooms to enjoy indoors as fat raindrops began to hit my back. C came home from work and said that it was raining something feirce in Alliston and was most likely headed our way.

Now that the peonies are safe inside and in a vase on the entry bookcase, the rain never really materialised, the thunder rumble has subsided and the clouds have separated. C and a friend of his are shovelling more of that gravel ( I stole some this morning for my walkway..I was caught shovel handed when C came home from work.. but the deed was already completed)

In a separate note, I am not sure if my pink peony is a "Sara Bernhardt" as identified on the label, it would appear to be way too dark a shade to be this, hmmm what the heck is it then?


Blogger Karen said...

Thank goodness you saved the peonies.

I like the phrase "caught shovel handed" by the way. It's very creative. ;-)

5:53 p.m.  

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