Friday, May 19, 2006

Calm before the storm...

The weather has been less than fantastic for this holiday weekend kickoff, the rain and cool nippy air really put a damper on the Friday rush. C and I had to load that less than a year old mower into my wagon and send it to the repair shop, who are 2 weeks behind turn around ... as everyone elses mowers in town are sitting there waiting to get fixed too! Thankfully our neighbour a few houses down lent C their electric lawn mower and he happily went to work while I trimmed the bed edges. The lawn is C's passion, its his responsibility, I don't like to get involved. After the grass was cut C looked and said the bare patches were healing O.K. and that we could skip the sod (he made me buy) for some more seed and compost.. The seed is NOT doing well on the hump by the front door and I wanted to sod that badly, but again I say, its his lawn, I have free reign over the garden, he has it over the lawn.. so I digress, tomorrow we are laying seed. C helped me by hanging up the brackets for the aromatherapy basket and the decorative shelf for the herbs by the front door (No your not imagining it, one of the decorative spikes broke under his pressure).. It took no less than breaking 3 masonry bits to hang that sucker up, so I really can't complain, a little compound adhesive wil fix it anyhow. Here are the results.


Blogger Karen said...

Looking good! My landscape guy would suggest you should get some tall evergreens on the right side of the house (as you're looking from the street) to kind of disguise the view of your neighbour's wall. I don't know if you were thinking about adding some height just yet, but if you were, that might work for you. (You could wait till the end of the season when stuff goes on sale.)

1:19 a.m.  
Blogger TraceyF said...

That is an excellent idea! I have been torturing myself about that freaking Wall forever.. I thought of everything but evergreens.. Thanks!

3:04 a.m.  

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